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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are buzz education?

We’re Buzz Education, a marketing agency with a difference. Our roots are firmly in the education sector and have been for over 21 years. Our experience is impressive, not only is the managing director a former senior teacher but he’s also an established chair of governors.

What is Buzz Learning Management?

It’s more than a typical learning management system. It’s a learning delivery tool, empowering your ideas for transforming education. Our publisher partners and virtual schools use our open API and vast configurations to brand and extend Buzz to successfully deliver learning at scale.

What is Buzz and why should teachers use it?

"Buzz lets me deliver engaging lessons that are standards-aligned, and it makes student/teacher communication easy and on-going. Buzz allows students to control the pace of their learning and move through the course no matter their location or schedule" – Stephanie, GPS Global Academy Teacher

What do people like about the Buzz?

'"I really like that information is suitable for all ages and you can learn about a topic by reading, watching BSL or doing a quiz." “Sometimes I would love to just be able to ask deaf people deaf questions. I’m the only deaf person in my school and it’s hard to find. The Buzz gives me a chance to do that which is so cool!!!”

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