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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Viktor Bunyakovsky do?

Viktor Bunyakovsky worked on Number Theory as well as geometry, mechanics and hydrostatics. He discovered the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality 25 years before Cauchy or Schwarz. Viktor Yakovlevich Bunyakovskii's father, Yakov Vasilievich Bunyakovskii, was a colonel.

What is the significance of the Bunyakovsky conjecture?

Bunyakovsky was a mathematician, noted for his work in theoretical mechanics and number theory (see: Bunyakovsky conjecture ), and is credited with an early discovery of the Cauchy–Schwarz inequality, proving it for the infinite dimensional case in 1859, many years prior to Hermann Schwarz 's works on the subject.

Who is Boris Bunyakovsky?

Bunyakovsky is an author of Foundations of the mathematical theory of probability (1846). Bunyakovsky published around 150 research papers. Bunyakovsky became a member of the precursor organization to the Russian Academy of Sciences.

How many works did bunyakovskii publish?

Bunyakovskii published over 150 works on mathematics and mechanics. He is best known for his discovery of the Cauchy - Schwarz inequality, published in a monograph in 1859 on inequalities between integrals. This is twenty-five years before Schwarz 's work.

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