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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Buddha statue represent?

The sitting Buddha is the most common representation of the Buddha. These Buddha statues can represent teaching, meditation, or an attempt to reach enlightenment. Hand gestures, or mudras, are essential in determining what a sitting Buddha means.

What are the different types of Buddha statues?

What are the different types of Buddha statues?Meaning of Protection Buddha “Abhaya Mudra” …Meaning of Teaching Buddha Statue “Dharmachakra Mudra” …Meaning of Meditation Buddha “Dhyana Mudra” …Meaning of Earth Touching Buddha “Bhumisparsha Mudra” …Meaning of Gift Giving Buddha “Varada Mudra” …Meaning of Debating Buddha “Vikarka Mudra”

What do the different Buddha statues mean?

What do the different Buddha statues represent? Buddha statues across Asia are representative of the teachings and travels of Gautama Buddha. Each statue features common physical attributes, poses, and postures that define its purpose and meaning. The hand gestures of the Buddha, called mudras, indicate teaching, meditation, enlightenment, and ...

Where can you buy Buddha statues?

The answer is where the question lies itself. Buddha Shop is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for various Buddha statues and other Buddhist artifacts. Our Buddha shop in Netherlands houses the largest collection of rare and antique Buddha statues from various countries in the Southeast Asian region.

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