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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is spoonkid on Twitch?

Spoonkid has not publicly revealed his real identity or face. ( Source : twitter ) Spoonkid has not made his real name or even his face publicly known to his followers as many other YouTubers and Twitchers. Twitch streamer and Youtube content creator, Spoonkid uploads various videos on his channel on gaming and other trending topics.

Who is veibae on Twitch?

Veibae first created her Twitch account on 25th July 2015. She subsequently streamed herself playing games such as PUBG, Black Desert Online, League of Legends, and Overwatch without any cameras showing her face. Many of Veibae’s early streams initially garnered just about 20 to 100 viewers over the next five years.

Who is ironmouse on Twitch?

Ironmouse is a popular female VTuber, and twitch streamer known for her face reveals. She has millions of subscribers, and her videos have been viewed over 100 million times. She is also a member of the YouTube group, The Creatures. Many fans of the YouTube channel Ironmouse have been curious about the identity of the person behind the mask.

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