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Frequently Asked Questions

How many original Bren Mags are included in a package?

Bren Magazine Platform Actual Items Pictured Condition as shown Original Items: Includes 8 original BREN Mags (.303) Web Gear with Pouches and Backpack Magazines If you use our web store to order magazines for shipping to a restricted state, there will be a...

What is a Bren gun?

The Bren Gun, also known as the Bren LMG, was a light machine gun manufactured by the British starting in the 1930s which was in service in some form or other until the 1990s. It was largely developed as a response to issues faced by machine gun crews operating the Lewis and Vickers machine guns through the First World War.

Where can I find parts for the Bren Mk2?

This platform saw service throughout World War II in the hands of British Troops, as well as in the Korean War and Vietnam War, among many other conflicts. Here we carry parts for this LMG platform and its variants, including the Bren MK2; take a look through them and call us at 610-250-3960 if you have any questions.

Do you offer blocked rifle and pistol magazines?

We Offer Blocked Rifle And Pistol Magazines. 8.00 Flat Rate Shipping with Signature required. Orders Are usually Shipped Between Two To Four Days After Ordering. Our Shipping policy's and how we ship have been updated. Please Read SECTION 20- SHIPPING POLICY under our terms and conditions. Can be found at the bottom of this page.

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