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Frequently Asked Questions

Should the Braves consider adding an MVP-caliber outfielder to their lineup?

Should that prove to be the case, the Braves will have essentially added an MVP-caliber outfielder back into their lineup, thus allowing them to shrink the roles played by either Duvall, Rosario, or Dickerson. That's a win-win situation since it would also improve the quality of Atlanta's bench.

How can This version of the Braves make up the most ground?

Arguably the area where this version of the Braves can make up the most ground on last year's team entails the health of two franchise cornerstones. Acuña was limited to just 82 games last season, having torn his ACL on July 10. Prior to the injury, he was in the midst of what would've qualified as a career year.

Where did the Braves rank in WRC+ last season?

Scroll on to find out. The Braves ranked eighth in the majors in runs scored last season, but only 13th in wRC+, a catch-all metric hosted at FanGraphs that adjusts for ballpark and other variables. The Braves can only hope their offense plays closer to that runs scored ranking.

What are the Braves odds to win the World Series?

They had the worst record of any of the playoff teams, but their bats lit up and they had great pitching from their bullpen to secure the championship. The Braves have +1000 odds, the fourth-best in the majors, to win the 2022 World Series at DraftKings Sportsbook.

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