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Frequently Asked Questions

Is semglee the same as Lantus?

Yes, for all practical purposes, Semglee is equivalent to Lantus. Unlike generic drugs, which share the exact same chemical composition as their pricier brand-name counterparts, biosimilar products...

Where can I find affordable insulin?

You can buy insulin at Walmart for $25 per vial, but these insulin options are not the same as today's newer insulins. Here is what you need to know. Everything You Need to Know About Walmart Insulin | Diabetes Strong

What is the brand name for insulin?

type brand name manufacturer nature rapid-acting (peak at one hour, last 3.5–4.5 hours) insulin lispro humalog* lilly analogue insulin aspart novorapid* novo nordisk analogue insulin glulisine apidra* sanofi analogue short-acting (peak at two to five hours, last six to eight hours) neutral actrapid novo nordisk human humulin r lilly human hypurin …

Can you take Humalog and Lantus together?

Yes you can take them at the same time, but not in the same syringe or the same exact injection site. You would usually take the Humalog a little before (or same time) as eating carbs/meals, and/or to correct a high bg. Lantus is usually taken either in the morning or at bedtime (and sometimes split into 2 doses per day).

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