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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BPME Rewards Visa card?

With the BPme Rewards Visa card, you’ll receive a 15 cent per gallon fuel discount at bp stations and earn rewards on all other purchases. Fuel discounts and enhanced rewards should help to make your BPme Rewards Visa card your favorite card in your wallet. Explore all that your credit card account has to offer.

How do I use the BPME app?

Don’t forget to check your app for special bonus offers toward additional savings on fuel. Download the BPme app, register for BPme Rewards, and add a payment card. Pull into a bp or Amoco station, then use the app to select your pump and pay. Save on every gallon, every time you fill up. 1 It's as easy as that!

How do I get value for my BPME points?

However, the value you receive for your BPme points also depends on how you use them. Apart from BP stations and connecting stores, there are other ways you can use BPme rewards and get the value for your money. If you’ve accumulated a handsome amount of points on your BPme app, you’re probably wondering what to do with them.

What happens when I use BPME to purchase fuel?

When using BPme to purchase fuel you will always be charged the stated credit card price.

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