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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the BPME app work?

The BPme app also makes it easy to pay, view receipts, track rewards and more without ever leaving your driver’s seat. No more messing with pin pads or fumbling through wallets. Just a few taps and a whole lot of savings. Text APP to 38831 to download. 1 It pays to pump with BPme Rewards. Here’s how it works:

How do I receive my BPME rewards?

Simply swipe your card or add your card to the BPme app to receive your rewards. Want to know more? Find out about our terms and conditions for BPme and BPme Rewards here. Get the answers you need to steer you in the right direction. Open the app, tap more and tap chat with us to get started. Available on mobile only.

How do I allow cookies on my BPME account?

You can choose to allow all cookies by clicking ‘Allow all’ or manage them individually by clicking ‘Manage cookie preferences,’ where you will also find more information. With our new BPme Rewards partnership with British Airways, everyday spending can help you take off on new adventures. Earn points when you fill up and shop with us.

How do I Reset my Password on the BPME app?

On the log in screen tap "Forgotten your passcode" enter your mobile number and we will TXT you a reset code. Follow the on-screen instructions and enter this code when requested. BPMe passwords need to be at least eight characters long with one letter and one number.

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