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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free BPM and Key Finder MP3?

MyEdit supports any MP3, WAV, FLAC or M4A file, and is completely free. Upload your track and the BPM will be automatically detected. Understand tracks by detecting tempo, perfect for mixing music.

How do I find the BPM and key of a song?

Use your mouse or keyboard to tap along with the beat of any song to easily find its BPM & tempo. Stay in time with our simple, web-based metronome. It`s perfect for music practice and testing your rhythm. Create stunning videos in minutes with our online editor.

What is the difference between a high BPM and a low BPM song?

High BPM is great for fast songs that are joyful, exciting, meanwhile a lower BPM is good for sad or dramatic songs. Very slow is 40–60 BPM. Less slow is 60–66 BPM. Moderately slow is 66–76 BPM. Low speed is 76–108 BPM.

What is the purpose of a BPM counter?

In simple words, the BPM counter is used to measure the speed of the song. If you are currently working on a song and want to know how slow or fast it is then you can use our tool. Knowing the BPM tapper for a song is beneficial in the world of A/V content production as well.

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