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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Bomberman Land 3 for PS2?

Install and manage your games directly from the RomStation application. Bomberman Land 3 is an party game released only in Japan for the PlayStation 2. Like the other games of the Bomberman Land series, it features minigame-based gameplay.

How do you play Bomberman Land?

In classic Bomberman Land fashion, the player has to collect various zone pieces by beating minigames in order to open up other zones and progress through the theme park. Sounds, music, stages, ideas and some animations and models were later recycled for the PlayStation Portable release.

What is the difference between Bomberman battle and Panic Bomber?

Bomberman Battle is when you battle up to 4 people and blast each other with bombs. SameGame is a tile-matching puzzle game. Panic Bomber is a puzzle mode of up to 4 people. Bomberman Land 2 is a sequel to Bomberman Land.

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