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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Blackfoot Daisy?

Melampodium Leucanthum Blackfoot Daisy is a low-growing, tough-as-nails perennial with a knack for thriving in tight and difficult spaces. In the height of blooming season, Blackfoot Daisy is cloaked in long-lasting, fragrant white flowers that have sunny yellow centers.

Where do black foot Daisies grow in the US?

Melampodium leucanthum (Black Foot Daisy) - a genus of wildflowers native primarily to North America with a few species originating in Columbia and Brazil. M. leucanthum is an ever-blooming wildflower native to the Southwestern U.S. Preferred growing conditions. Plant in a fast draining, infertile soil with full sun. Avoid clay soils.

How do you take care of a Blackfoot Daisy?

Once established, M. leucanthum is extremely drought tolerant. It will thrive when watered deeply only two or three times during the summer months, and once a month in winter. You don’t have to fertilize blackfoot daisy, as it prefers poor soil conditions.

What is the difference between Blackfoot Daisy and desert zinnia?

Sometimes confused with the native desert zinnia, Zinnia acerosa, the flowers of the blackfoot daisy have 8-10 white petals, while desert zinnias have 4-6, and they are broader. Blackfoot daisy propagates easily from seed – either planted or scattered by the wind.

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