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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Blackfoot Daisies look like?

Also known as Plains Blackfoot daisy, Blackfoot daisy plants are low-growing, bushy perennials with narrow, grayish green leaves and small, white, daisy-like flowers that appear from spring until the first frost. In warm climates they bloom throughout most of the year. Read on to learn more about Blackfoot daisies.

Are Blackfoot daisies native to Texas?

Blackfoot Daisy ( Melampodium leucanthum) is a herbaceous perennial native to Central Texas and found throughout New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado. Part of the Aster family, they are characterized by their typical daisy-like white flowers with yellow centers.

Is Blackfoot Daisy deer resistant?

Robust, low maintenance, pest and disease free, Blackfoot Daisy is also drought tolerant and deer resistant. In late winter, cut back to keep the plant compact. Native from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mexico.

What is the difference between Blackfoot Daisy and desert zinnia?

Sometimes confused with the native desert zinnia, Zinnia acerosa, the flowers of the blackfoot daisy have 8-10 white petals, while desert zinnias have 4-6, and they are broader. Blackfoot daisy propagates easily from seed – either planted or scattered by the wind.

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