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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BJU known for?

BJU is an accredited Christian liberal arts university focused on educating students to reflect and serve Christ.

What is the BJU Press homeschool hub?

Your All-in-One BJU Press Resource Is Here! The BJU Press Homeschool Hub is an all-in-one learning management tool, assignment scheduler, and planner! Your dashboard gives you and your student a quick overview of everything you need to see. Most of your work can be done right from the dashboard!

What is a BJU Press textbook kit?

Payment plan offers 0% interest on $350* or more. BJU Press Textbook Kits contain everything you need to successfully teach your child. Lessons in the student text are rooted in sound academic research and are presented in a format children can relate to.

Why should you choose BJU Press?

Why BJU Press? Why did you choose BJU Press? Courses teach biblical worldview foundations. Lessons encourage critical thinking skills. Activities and lessons support multisensory learning. Courses are structured on educational best practices. All-in-one K3–12 core curriculum fits all your needs. Buying options are flexible.

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