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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best free employee scheduling apps?

Homebase is one of the better free employees scheduling tools. The unpaid version of the program supports an unlimited number of staff for a single location, making it an ideal choice for smaller operations like restaurants or independent retailers with hourly workers.

What are the benefits of using a scheduling app for employees?

Here are some of the most significant benefits of using an employee schedule app: Maintain clear communication about everyone’s working hours. Keep records about work hours for tax and labor law compliance. Ensure employees work according to assigned hours. Prevent any additional labor cost from redundancies and overtime.

What is the best employee scheduling software?

The best online employee scheduling software is This highly visual platform allows you to create daily, weekly, or monthly work tables. You can use this tool to make sure that work is distributed fairly. This will allow you to see or understand employee availability as well to avoid scheduling conflicts.

What is the best shift scheduling software?

Humanity is an extremely well-thought-out shift scheduling tool that's both flexible and easy to use. Excellent mobile app integration and manifold help and support options should appeal to both managers and employees. While somewhat flawed, Shiftboard is a powerful employee scheduling tool that can do just about anything you'll need.

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