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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Hindi news channels?

Hindi news channels A1 TV channel Aaj Tak ABP News Aryan TV CNBC Awaaz DD News Dilli Aaj Tak India News India TV Jan TV Janta TV Khabar Bharti Live India Lok Sabha TV NDTV India News 24 News Nation News World India News18 India Rajya Sabha TV Republic Bharat Samay Tez TV Total TV Zee Business Zee Hindustan Zee News

What TV channels are available in India?

1 A1 TV channel 2 Aaj Tak 3 ABP News 4 Aryan TV 5 CNBC Awaaz 6 DD News 7 FM News 8 Good News Today (GNT) 9 India News 10 India TV More items...

Is India Today the best news channel?

With a vast viewer rating of over 606,000, India Today clinches the highest rung of the ladder and continues to rule among viewers. With the internet being the newest source of latest news and slowly gaining more popularity, news channels have to be on their toes constantly.

What are the English news channels?

English news channels 1 BloombergQuint 2 BTVI 3 CNBC TV18 4 CNN-News18 5 ET Now 6 India Today 7 India Ahead 8 Mirror Now 9 NDTV 24x7 10 NDTV Profit More items...

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