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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with the belairdirect app?

The belairdirect app helps you with accessing and managing your car and home insurance policies, requesting belairdirect roadside assistance®, accessing automerit®, submitting or tracking a claim and reviewing your billing information. With the belairdirect app, you’ll gain access to:

Is belairdirect’s Collision Repair Service good?

We took the vehicle to one of Belairdirect’s preferred collision repair shops. Although the repair appeared to have been performed properly, there were several customer service issues. And the interior of the vehicle was filthy when I picked it up afterwards. Not too long thereafter we had another no-fault accident.

Is belairdirect concerned when a rental car is stolen?

Belairdirect isn't concerned when the car is stolen. I was told by Katylyn Enterprise Car will reach out to me yesterday about the rental car, which didn't happen. Later in the evening another agent Ibrahim told me I have to reach out to them and that's when he shared the no with me.

Does belairdirect take money out of your bank account?

Immediately requested Belairdirect to cancel the transaction and they took money out of my bank account, despite me placing a stop payment. I have made several attempts to recover this money and as of right now, they have not refunded my money and continue to try to take monthly premiums from my bank account.

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