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Frequently Asked Questions

What is restaurant Beatrice?

The food at Ristorante Beatrice is a reflection of freshness, flavour, simplicity and heritage. Each and every dish on our ever-evolving menu is crafted with care, using seasonal and artisanal ingredients cultivated in Quebec.

Is Ristorante Beatrice Canada's loveliest wedding venue?

Named one of Canada’s Loveliest Wedding Venues in 2017 by Wedding Bells Magazine. For events of 20 people or more, Ristorante Beatrice has an upstairs private dining room.

What is Beatrice catering's philosophy?

Her philosophy is deeply steeped in Italian tradition: food should always be made with love. Beatrice Catering has just launched our private at home chef service. One of our premier chefs will create and execute a customized gourmet dining experience in the comfort of your home.

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