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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of the Baseball playoffs?

Major League Baseball expanded its playoff format to 10 teams Friday, adding a second wild-card in each league. The decision establishes a new one-game, wild-card round in each league between the teams with the best records who are not division winners, meaning a third-place team could win the World Series.

When is baseball playoff season?

The Major League Baseball (MLB) playoffs mark the end of the sport's 162-game regular season, typically beginning the first full week of October. It's a time of excitement for baseball fans when league leaders can collapse and wild-card teams can surprise everyone.

How many teams are in the MLB playoffs?

Instead of the typical ten-team format, the league expanded the number of teams for the postseason to 16, in a quite controversial decision of sending every side to a first round called Wild-Card Series. However, in 2021 things - in terms of baseball - look set to get back to normalcy. The 2021 postseason would include once again ten teams.

What are the Major League Baseball playoffs?

Major League Baseball. One-game playoffs are currently used in Major League Baseball (MLB). When two or more MLB teams are tied for a division championship or the wild card playoff berth (1995–2011, or starting in 2012, the second only) at the end of the regular season, a one-game playoff is used to determine the winner.

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