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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the grades for my Baruch College coursework?

Baruch College employs several grades in addition to the traditional letter grades. They are listed in official location, such as Non-Traditional Grades. Should you encounter technical problems while using the CUNYfirst Self-Service system, please contact the Computing and Technology Help Desk at 646.312.1010.

What are the security roles for Baruch faculty and staff?

All Baruch faculty and staff have been assigned initial security roles upon activation of their CUNYfirst account. However, roles may need to be revised to include or remove access according to tasks assigned to the individual.

What is fiacunyfirst?

CUNYfirst (Fully Integrated Resources and Services Tool) allows students to manage their academic careers and financial accounts in real time and more. It gives faculty additional tools to enhance their interaction with students.

What if I do not have a cunyfirst account?

If you do not have a CUNYfirst account, see the FAQs. ONLY enter your CUNY Login password on CUNY Login websites ( and NEVER share it with others or enter your CUNY Login password elsewhere without the approval of your campus IT department.

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