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What are the top 5 black girl names in 2021?

Black Girl Names in 2021. 1 A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5 E. Earlene Ebony Edwina Eleesha Elisha Elesha Elois Ernestine Eyana Ezola. More items

What are the most popular black names for girls?

50 Black Baby Names Popular Black Baby Names for Girls. Here are some of the most popular and unique Black baby names for girls along with... Aaliyah. Peak Popularity: Aaliyah has been a top 100 name since 2001, the year R&B singer Aaliyah died in a tragic plane... Alexandra. Peak Popularity: ...

What are some cute and unique African names for baby girls?

Read on to follow the list of the trending cute and unique African names for baby girls. 1. Adah A Hebrew origin name, Adah means ‘a beautiful ornament.’ According to the old testament, the wives of Lamech and Esau were named Adah. 2. Aaliyah One of the most popular names across the country, Aaliyah is simply wonderful!

Is Alexandra a black name for a girl?

Alexandra Is An African American Girls Name Alexandra is another popular name for black women, and similar to Alexis, it is derived from the male name Alexander. While very similar, Alexandra is even more popular than Alexis, but also has the meaning of “a defender.” The name peaked around the early 1990s and is Greek in origin.

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