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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Azi media?

Creators of "At The Moment: Asian American News" Podcast. AZI Media is an Asian American media company, amplifying historically marginalized voices through multimedia storytelling. Creators of "At The Moment: Asian American News" Podcast.

What is Azi land?

Azi Land is a collection of pure, genuine and everlasting objects. Made on order in limited quantities. Creating our own perception, introducing individual fashion: made by a person for a person. Highlighting the backstage story: the idea, the making of, the people, the fabrics and most importantly the details.

What is an azi Dragon?

A group of fiendish and powerful dragon the Azi is the name given to several types of dragon that were created in antiquity.

What is an azi in Cyteen?

"Azi" is an acronym for "artificial zygote insemination". The subject is treated at length in Cherryh's 1989 novel Cyteen and its 2009 sequel, Regenesis . The azi are first developed by Union just prior to the "Company War" in the early twenty-fourth century. Although derived from human gene sequences,...

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