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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google autocomplete API?

Google autocomplete APIs is a tool that allows individuals to make the searches much faster. They have documentation that produces the suggested words and phrases by Google suggest API whenever a search request is initiated. Owners of the API give you a unique key called a token.

How do I optimize the cost of using the place autocomplete service?

To optimize the cost of using the Place Autocomplete service, use field masks in Place Details and Place Autocomplete widgets to return only the place data fields you need.

What is session-based place autocomplete with place details?

Use session-based Place Autocomplete with Place Details. Session management is automatically built into the JavaScript, Android, or iOS widgets. This includes both the Place Autocomplete requests and the Place Details request on the selected prediction.

Can I use geoapify autocomplete for free?

Yes, you can use the Geoapify Autocomplete for Free, even for commercial projects, when you don't go over the Free plan limits. What happens if my website receives a splash of visits and I accidentally go over limits?

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