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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best AFK edgenuity script & hack tool?

Edgenuity script & hack tool that does all the work for you. Get a purchase key and let the afk auo answer for homework, tests and quizzes begin!! EdgyBot: A partially AFK Edgenuity Bot brought to you by EdgePlus+. Works on 99% of assignments offered by Edgenuity.

What is edgenuity and how does it work?

Edgenuity offers over 300 online classes for middle and high school students ranging across subjects from math to social studies, AP classes to electives. They’re made up of instructional videos and virtual assignments as well as tests and exams. Edgenuity provides the lessons and grades the assignments.

Can you cheat on edgenuity?

Another high school student, who used Edgenuity a few years ago, said he would sometimes try submitting batches of words related to the questions “only when I was completely clueless.” The method worked “more often than not.” (We granted anonymity to some students who admitted to cheating, so they wouldn’t get in trouble.)

How much do short answers make up edgenuity's course content?

A developer familiar with the platform estimated that short answers make up less than five percent of Edgenuity’s course content, and many of the eight students The Verge spoke to for this story confirmed that such tasks were a minority of their work.

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