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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Autism Partnership Foundation's RBT training program?

Autism Partnership Foundation (APF) is offering a FREE 40-Hour Registered Behavior Technician™ (RBT®) training program. APF’s online RBT training meets all BACB requirements for the 2nd Edition RBT Task List as well as additional key topics we believe are essential for anyone working directly with individuals diagnosed with autism.

Is the Autism Partnership Foundation Free?

The Autism Partnership Foundation charges for all their other courses. There’s a reason this one is free. The Autism Partnership Foundation provides a training that meets the requirements for RBT certification through the BACB. You can access their training through the Autism Partnership Foundation website.

What is the Autism Partnership method?

This newest book in the APF library provides an overview of the Autism Partnership Method for designing and conducting behaviorally based social skills groups for individuals diagnosed with ASD.

What can you learn from Autism Partnership's new book?

“This new book from Autism Partnership offers an excellent blending of theoretical, research-based and practical advice for designing important lessons within group contexts for individuals with ASD aimed at promoting and expanding social skills.” Andy Bondy, Ph.D. Autism Partnership is pleased to now be providing services in New York City.

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