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Frequently Asked Questions

How much of the Amazon rainforest is in Brazil?

The Amazon rainforest covers land in nine countries, but around 60% lies in Brazil.

Does the Amazon rainforest touch Brazil?

It stretches over parts of Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. It covers about 60 percent of Brazil’s surface. The Amazon River itself contains 20 percent of the joint volume of all the rivers on Earth, and the Amazon rainforest produces about 20 percent of the world’s oxygen.

How much of Brazil does the Amazon rainforest cover?

The Amazon rainforest is located in South America, having developed near the basin of the Amazon river. It is fed by rivers in the north of South America. Brazil is home to much of the Amazon- in fact, about 40% of Brazil's total area is occupied by the Amazon rainforest. How Big Is The Amazon Rainforest?

Is the Amazon rainforest a real rainforest?

The Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest tropical rainforest. It is home to around 40,000 plant species, nearly 1,300 bird species, 3,000 types of fish, 427 species of mammals, and 2.5 million different insects. Red-bellied piranhas and pink river dolphins swim its waters.

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