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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an alcohol licence?

You only require a licence if you are selling or supplying alcohol for people to drink. … However, it should be noted that running a ‘cashless’ bar (where a bar at an event supplies alcohol for free, which is then paid for by the event organiser or customer at a later date) would require a licence.

What is an ABC liquor license?

ABC Licensing Bureau ... Essential to the State’s control of the liquor industry is the concept that those who own liquor licenses are granted a privilege to operate a business in the liquor industry and that this privilege may be forfeited for violations of the alcoholic beverage law. In particular, the Division issues three general types of ...

What license do you need to sell alcohol?

You will need an on-license liquor license if the liquor you sell is intended to be consumed on the premises of your business – for example, a bar or restaurant. You will need an off-license if the liquor you sell is intended to be consumed off the premises – for example, a liquor store or Grocery Store.

Do I need a licence to deliver alcohol?

“What licence do you need to deliver alcohol?” is a question that may be of sudden urgent interest to many businesses. The answer is of course a Licensing Act 2003 premises licence, which authorises premises to be used for the licensable activity of the sale of alcohol by retail, and which doesn’t contain any relevant restrictive conditions.

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