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Frequently Asked Questions

Is antiseptic the same as disinfectant?

Antiseptic and disinfectant are biocides [1] and both are used for the same purpose but for different locations or surfaces. Their purpose is either killing microorganisms or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms or reducing the CFU of microorganisms. Many people often use these terms ‘Antiseptic’ and ‘Disinfectant’ interchangeably.

What are some common uses of antiseptic wipes?

Antiseptic Wipes are sting free and can be used to cleanse a cut prior to administering other applications such as an ointment or bandage. Alcohol Wipes are ideal for cleaning surrounding areas of the injury to prevent any spread of bacteria, but are not to be applied to the wound itself as it will sting.

Do Purell hand wipes have alcohol in them?

Purell sanitizing wipes are still extremely difficult to find in stores and online, and that’s especially true for the Purell wipes that have ethyl alcohol instead of benzalkonium chloride. Head over to Amazon right now, however, and you’ll find several listings available for Purell alcohol wipes.

Should I use antibacterial wipes?

You may not believe it, but antibacterial wipes are not meant to clean everything in your kitchen. They are less effective on large areas, and when you use them on multiple surfaces, it may make a germ issue worse. So, never use a single antibacterial wipe to clean more than a surface. It could spread bacteria to another surface. 7. Moist Surfaces

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