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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using alcohol wipes?

Cleanroom alcohol wipes are durable and soft for scratch-sensitive surfaces. A key feature of presaturation is precise saturation of the solvent. The provides optimal particle and contaminant removal and solvent usage as well as increases consistency of critical component cleaning.

How many alcohol wipes come in a box?

Each box includes 500 individually wrapped alcohol pads that are sealed in an airtight, easy-to-open poly-lined pouch which means that they prevent leakage so you'll never have to worry about them drying out!

Can alcohol wipes be used on skin?

✔️ EFFECTIVE! Our Alcohol Prep Pads contains at least 70% Isopropyl alcohol which means that they are effective for cleaning wounds and small areas of skin for optimum action. You can even use these pads to cleanse wounds before covering minor scrapes or bruises.

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