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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'lush' mean?

It can be used teasingly or as an insult, but even if someone teases you (or whoever), there's probably some truth in it, and it probably means you're overdoing the alcohol. Sara is such a lush! Did you see her dancing at Firehaus? Oh em gee. It wasn't even her birthday! Get the Lush mug. Get the Lush mug.

What is lush mug?

Get the Lush mug. Get the Lush mug. 1) Similar to Fit, meaning a person who has attractive physical qualities. 2) Can be used to describe an object which is considered to be above average in either taste, smell, sight or other sensory perceptions. 1) Check out Sarah, shes looking pretty lush tonight.

What is alcohol flush reaction?

Alcohol flush reaction is best known as a condition that is experienced by people of East Asian descent.

What are the effects of alcohol on the skin?

Alcohol-induced respiratory reactions including rhinitis and exacerbations of asthma appear, in many cases, due to the direct actions of ethanol. Rosacea, also known as gin blossoms, is a chronic facial skin condition in which capillaries are excessively reactive, leading to redness from flushing or telangiectasia.

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