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Frequently Asked Questions

What is against VR game?

AGAINST is a combat rhythm VR game that will immerse you in a dark comics story. Follow the beat to shoot and slice your way through evil henchmen of Dr. Vice. Empowering music is your only way out from these crime-ridden streets. Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Do you think VR will fail?

I don't think VR will fail but it won't become mainstream in the foreseeable future. Console gaming is popular leisure cause it allows the player to sprawl out on a couch, performing actions within the game world with minimal effort, without totally giving up awareness of their surroundings.

How good is VR really?

Firstly you have no idea how amazing VR is... you already made that clear when you said it's just a screen. Secondly VR is all about enjoyment. Being in the game world instead of staring at a tiny, compressed 2 dimensional representation is far more enjoyable.

Why don't we have VR screens on Android?

Because: 1) VR does not exist without vr games, movies etc, and those from android are to weak. For 2d content - 2d screens are and will the best. And we don't have good VR content yet.

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