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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Super aesthetic Discord server templates?

Here are some super aesthetic Discord server templates! A super aesthetic template with pink-themed channel names and so much more. This template's channel names feature a wide variety of aesthetic fonts, and include kaomoji too! Featuring lots of floral-themed emoji, this template includes lots of cute channels and roles!

What fonts can I use for Discord channel names?

Some examples of aesthetic text fonts which could be used for Discord channel names. 4. Cottagecore Template If you're a fan of the cottagecore aesthetic and would like your server to embody this aesthetic also, then I'd recommend this template.

How do I customize a discord template?

Browse the collection of professionally designed Discord templates and click a design to customize. With the Kapwing Studio, you have access to free and intuitive graphic design tools to transform the template. No previous design experience is required! With premade templates, endless customization possibilities are within reach.

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