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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name adverse mean?

Adverse means ‘unfavourable or harmful’ and is normally used of conditions and effects rather than people, as in adverse weather conditions. Averse, on the other hand, is used of people, nearly always with to, and means ‘having a strong dislike or opposition to something’, as in I am not averse to helping out.

What is driving in adverse conditions?

“Adverse driving conditions” means conditions that you did not know about when you began your trip like snow, fog, or a road closure due to a crash. Adverse driving conditions do not include situations that you should have known about through proper trip planning, such as congested traffic during typical “rush hour” periods.

What does exclusive mean in adverse possession?

To establish a claim of adverse possession, the claimant must prove that the claimant’s possession is: (1) exclusive, meaning no other person has possessed the property for the extent the claim has existed; (2) actual and uninterrupted, meaning there is no break in possession of the specific property for the extent the claim has existed;

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