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Frequently Asked Questions

When is professional administrative day?

Administrative Professionals’ Day is celebrated in various countries on April 21st. This day is dedicated to all the administrative professionals like secretaries, assistants and other administrative staff. The idea is to honour their work.

When is Administrative Professionals Week?

National Administrative Professionals Day is observed on different days in different countries. In the US, Canada, Hong Kong and Malaysia, it is an annual celebration on the Wednesday of the last full week of April, which falls on April 27 in 2022.

Is there a holiday for Administrative Professionals?

Administrative Professionals Day is observed annually in the United States every Wednesday of the last full week of April. This observance is also known as Admin Day or Secretary’s Day. It is a non a public holiday , so the country’s business establishments and educational institutions should operate with their regular schedules.

What is Administrative Professionals Week and why is it celebrated?

The Administrative Professionals Week, also known as National Secretaries Week and Professional Secretaries Week, is observed every last full week of April each year. This week-long celebration aims to honor and recognize all administrative professionals wherever they may come from.

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