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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ADDIE model?

It is an Instructional Systems Design (ISD) model. Most of the current instructional design models are spin-offs or variations of the ADDIE model; other models include the Dick & Carey and Kemp ISD models.

What are the four stages of addaddie model?

ADDIE Model 1 Analysis Phase. In the analysis phase, instructional problem is clarified, the instructional goals and objectives are established and the learning environment and learner’s existing knowledge and skills are identified. 2 Design Phase. ... 3 Development Phase. ... 4 Implementation Phase. ... 5 Evaluation Phase. ...

What is the ADDIE process?

The ADDIE process is a systematic instructional design model that includes five steps or phases, each of which is discussed below. Muruganantham (2015) claims that the analysis phase is the foundation of all other phases of instructional design, including the ADDIE process.

What can Addie do for You?

In highly technical industries, ADDIE contributes to the organization and implementation of training designs at the best location for engaging the most learners (Bamrara, 2018). The ADDIE model can be flexibly adapted while completing the project requirements.

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