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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate forecast accuracy?

The forecast accuracy is computed by averaging over the test sets. This procedure is sometimes known as “evaluation on a rolling forecasting origin” because the “origin” at which the forecast is based rolls forward in time. With time series forecasting, one-step forecasts may not be as relevant as multi-step forecasts.

What is series forecasting?

Series forecasting is often used in conjunction with time series analysis. Time series analysis involves developing models to gain an understanding of the data to understand the underlying causes. Analysis can provide the “why” behind the outcomes you are seeing.

How to check the performance of time series forecasting?

Accuracy in time series is not be a very good judging factor to check the performance of time series forecasting. Instead of that you should try plotting the result in time as X axis and your values as Y axis. Another powerful metric which you can try is root mean squared error. Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged

How is forecast error calculated?

The forecast error is calculated as the expected value minus the predicted value. This is called the residual error of the prediction. The forecast error can be calculated for each prediction, providing a time series of forecast errors.

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