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Frequently Asked Questions

What is notice of proposed abandonment?

The trustee’s notice to the court that he is abandoning his right to the real estate is called a Notice Of Proposed Abandonment. The trustee abandoning real estate is good for the debtor, not bad. This means that the trustee does not want anything to do with the property and he is abandoning his right to the property.

What does notice of abandonment mean?

What does that mean? Basically, a notice of abandonment is the trustee's way of saying that for one reason or another, the listed property cannot be liquidated for the benefit of your creditors. When a bankruptcy case is filed, real and personal property become part of a "bankruptcy estate" which the trustee is in control of.

What is an annual notice?

What is an Annual Meeting Notice? The Annual Meeting Notice is a notice sent to shareholders by publicly-held companies before their annual meeting. The notice is typically a one-page announcement that is included as part of the proxy statement.

What does notice to comply mean?

A notice to comply or quit informs a tenant that they have violated their lease agreement for an act unrelated to rent. If the tenant does not fix (“cure”) the issue within a specific time frame (See State Laws) then they will be required to vacate and move out of the property.

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