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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common surnames in Canada?

Top 10 common surnames in Canada Rank Surname Number 1 Smith 192,145 2 Brown 108,859 3 Tremblay 106,668 4 Martin 91,680 6 more rows ...

What is a popular Canadian name of French origin?

The popular Canadian name of French origin means “beautiful or divine anger.” 9. Bell The surname Bell is said to have many origins. It is said to be a topographic name for those living by a bell or an occupational name to bell-makers. 10. Bennett Bennett is a surname of English origin, meaning “blessed.” 11. Bergeron

Can Canadians choose a different surname for their baby?

Yes, Canadians may choose a surname for their baby entirely different from theirs (2). As long as the name is registered and approved by the parents, it is acceptable. Most common Canadian last names are of European origin since many people migrated to Canada from Europe long ago.

What were the top names of the 1920s?

Top names of the 1920s Males Females Females Females 19 Kenneth 99,492 Irene 92,836 20 Arthur 97,115 Marjorie 91,222 21 Albert 94,435 Florence 88,294 22 David 88,744 Lois 88,131 60 more rows ...

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