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What did women do in 1700s?

Women, or mothers, were also responsible for raising and educating their children. In addition, they were responsible for cooking and feeding the family. This required women to be well-educated in medicinal and culinary uses of herbs and plants, needlework, reading, and writing.

Did women wear earrings in the 1700s?

Women, and men have been adorning their lobes with earrings since ancient times. Most of the oldest examples, which were generally worn by royalty and the very wealthy, are held in museums today and are rarely discovered by collectors. Occasionally a pair dating as far back as the 1700s will surface during a lucky collector's antiquing adventures.

What do people wear in the 1700?

Most men wore a cravat. A cravat was a long strip of white linen that was wrapped around the neck several times and then tied in front. Breeches - Breeches were pants that stopped just below the knee. Stockings - Stockings covered the rest of the leg and feet below the breeches. What were clothes made of in the 1700s?

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